Friday, March 31, 2006

Baseball Season!!! 

It's almost baseball season. My favorite time of year!

I've decided to start updating this blog more often, and turning it into a
baseball blog of sort. Don't worry, I'll keep posting other things as well, but
I'm going to use it as an outlet for my random daily thoughts on baseball, and
in particular fantasy baseball.

Tonight was the draft for the final Yahoo! Plus league. I
oversee/commish all of the leagues for the website, and with that I also play in
them. This league is a Roto league, with 20 players, and 30 players per team
(600 total players drafted.) There are also some additional stat catagories, to
spice things up. Those are: R, HR, RBI, SB, CS, K,

I had the ninth pick overall in the draft. Overall, I'm pretty happy with my
team. Here is how I drafted:

Swingin' Southpaws
Round Pick Player
1 -9 J. Bay
2 -30 A. Jones
3 -47 R. Howard
4 -68 B. Lidge
5 -85 T. Glaus
6 -106 A. Burnett
7 -123 W. Taveras
8 -144 M. Mulder
9 -161 A. Rowand
10 -182 A. Benítez
11 -199 J. Barfield
12 -220 C. Guillén
13 -237 R. Zimmerman
14 -258 Lu. González
15 -275 J. Marquis
16 -296 J. Mathis
17 -313 M. Lieberthal
18 -334 X. Nady
19 -351 P. Maholm
20 -372 L. Niekro
21 -389 A. Otsuka
22 -410 D. McPherson
23 -427 J. Conine
24 -448 A. Hill
25 -465 Ja. Johnson
26 -486 T. Lilly
27 -503 C. Izturis
28 -524 A. Sisco
29 -541 L. Bigbie
30 -562 R. Rincón

I had a couple of DL picks, that I will replace with waiver wire players here shortly. Overall, I love my offense. My pitching is a touch weak I think, but only time will tell. I think it should be a top tier team.

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